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that stuff too. the all new chevy traverse. america's best crossover. mike: in the "personal story," segment, the president is comparing himself to fdr and jfk. >> fdr was called a socialist when he passed social security, jfk and lyndon johnson, they were both accused of a government takeover of health care when they passed medicare. this is the process that we go through because understandably, the american people are suspicious of government until the government does something that helps them and then they don't want anyone messing with that. mike: joining us is douglas brinkley, a presidential historian. doctor, thank you for joining us. let me ask you, a big mistake on the part of the president to invoke the memories of fdr and jfk? >> well, it is never a mistake for a democratic president to raise respect for fdr and jfk. the lyndon johnson comments gets into the difficulty. as you know, the great society is what ronald reagan fought against. he is trying to roll back the great society, that is what he wrote in his memos. many other government programs, conservatives have been trying t
america less safe? >> jaycee dugard was found alive -- excuse me -- wasç found lyig in antioch.c@ laura: every parent's nightmare, a kidnapped child. caution,çç you are about to er the no spin zone. ççhi, everyone. i am laura ingraham, reporting tonight for bill o'reilly. now, right to our top story tonight. is the mainstream mediaç trying to use violent it's a critic? some say that is the motivation for -- is the mainstream media trying to silence a critic? >>ç how can theç obama plan cr 50 million patients without any new doctors? it cannot. it will hurt our seniors and medicare as we know it, ration care, ça limited life-çsaving madison -- ration care, limit edicine. laura: abc says that the spot departed and position on a controversial issue,çç which violates its longstanding policy -- says the spot takes a position on controversial issues which violates its longstanding policy. ççalso, some straight talk frm democrats, admitting it is too tough to take on some special interests in the health-care bill, like the trial lawyers. here is what dr/çç howard d
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will visit places that have tried this experiment, including states right here in america and you will meet a man and woman whose lives were saved by the current health care system and they say they may not be here if the government controlled health care. >> i promise you, we will pass reform by the end of this year, because the american people need it. sean: president obama has spent the majority of his first year in office attempting to push through a $1 trillion health care initiative aimed at controlling medical costs and extending coverage to millions of uninsured americans. >> if we step back from this challenge at this moment, we are consigning our children to skyrocketing premiums and deficits. sean: after the practice has called for overhaul of the system and the president appears to be making a major concession. >> whether we have it or don't have it is the not the entirety of health care reform. this is one sliver of it. >> i think what is important is choice and competition and i'm convinced at the end of the day the plan will have both of those, but that is not the essential e
. this is about a healthcare system that is breaking america's families. breaking america's businesses, and breaking america's economy. >> well, joining us now from washington is senator demint. author of the book, saving freedom. all right. senator. now, i want to look forward, rather than -- you know, we obviously know that you and president obama differ on how to provide good health care to the american people. well, now, that the obama administration is sinking in the polls and people are turning against the government-run health care to the tune of a trillion dollars, where does it go from here? do you expect to vote on this in the fall? >> we'll probably have a vote on it, but i think we're going to find out during september exactly what the american people think. actually during the august period when we're home on break. i have never seen americans more angry and more concerned about the direction of our country. they see this health care bill as part of a process that began with this massive stimulus and these other things that have -- taken over general motors. and people are
that today is the day of reckoning ♪ sean: and welcome to a very special edition of "hannity's america." -- of "hannity." hello, san diego. the site of our freedom concert and we have a big show in store. colonel oliver north will be here. former ms. california, carrie prejean, will be joined by the great one mark levine and our great american panel. and democrats are continuing their efforts to attack average americans who are speaking pout at town halls all across this country -- speak being out at town halls all across this country. they have been called angry mobs and dismissed as republican operatives. why are the democrats afraid of speech and can the strategy work? i'm joined by -- i call him the great one -- 12 weeks number one on "the new york times" best seller list, 17 weeks overall, liberty and tyranny, a conservative manifesto. great one, the great one. by the way, do you have a mob name? >> a mob name? i'm the shark. sean: you're the shark. he's the shark. are you all mobsters here? an angry mob. >> wait a minute. how many of you are insurance executives? raise your hand?
should not forget senator kennedy's liberal vision for america never became a reality. during his lifetime, he was on the losing side of almost every major issue. from nuclear disarmament, to welfare, reform, for amnesty to illegal aliens. and today the impassioned opposition to obama care at these town hall events is yet another public repudiation of senator kennedy's political vision. so, if democrats think that calling nationalized health care the ed ward kennedy memorial health care act is going to safe it? history teaches us another lesson. shut democrats proceed down this membershippive path, the next big memorial will be for the democratic majority in congress. and that's the memo. now on to our top story. a different take on this. joining us from new york, democratic strategist tara dowel and conservative columnist andrea tantaros. this is a tough subject because the country is remembering the contributions of senator kennedy whether you are republican or democrat, you honor the man's memory and what he tried to do with people. whether you disagree with him or agree with h
, it is like this. america says that they're willing to take care of people who need a leg up. when you tell them that they will help people who are not here legally, you will say, what is that? don't help the screwups. if you are not here legally, none of this applies to you. that is the anchor. -- anger. bill: nancy pelosi does not help barack obama. he is having some issues out in california. what is that? >> well, from calling our cia liars to calling the people of latin america, to infering they are nazis, she always has the ugliest face on things. she will have a meeting in her winery over the weekend to raise money. i will tell you something about a guided tour from nancy pelosi, it will be difficult to tell the prunes from the grapes. some where she will come across lucy ricardo and stars stomping on first amendment rights. if people want to show up and whine for nancy pelosi to call them nazis, , that is not good. bill: she has a beautiful house. 170 guest will gather on the back lawn. have you been invited? >> i would not even go near her. there are people in my life that i disagre
of a long-term strategy to make america more competitive. so all these shenanigans and going on, regrettably part of the process but we have to keep our eye on the ball and at the end of all this deliver a product that's good for america. sean: i understand that. but a lot of americans and polls bear this out, they're very skeptical of what is being talked about in washington. or, look, they're looking at social security's bankrupt. medicare is bankrupt. now we're going to take over nearly 20% of the american economy. and the american people are saying, why should we trust people in d.c. at all? and the c.b.o. then scores it and their numbers are extremely high. we've already accumulated enough debt and deficits. are you -- are you trying to get that message to members of your party that they need to go back to more fiscal responsibility? >> well, sean, i definitely am. as you will recall, i was the only member of my party to vote against the omnibus spending bill. and if we had not passed that, we would have saved more than $200 billion over the course of the next 10 years. and i was one of
birthday. thank you for making us america's choice for evening news on cable. bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> if we let cable television come to town hall meetings and killed health-care reform for another year. bill: a obama spokesperson robert gibbs giving fox news a jab there, and it looks like the president may be setting himself up against austria is that smart? dick morris will analyze -- against us. is that smart? >> i do not get it. i do not get it. do you all think you are persuading people when you shout out like that? bill: a new poll shows that folks are turning against the obama health-care program, and almost everywhere -- >> you do not trust me? you know, i do not know what else i can do. bill: we will continue our reporting on this stunning story. >> ♪ she was only 16 bill: and some people are concerned about only 16-year- old miley cyrus becoming a sex symbol. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.n
. it is grass roots. now, they are organizing, but that is what we do in america. people do it on the left, and people do it on the right. most people in the middle, frankly, do not, and that is where i am tried to stay focused. the state is split 50/50, and i think we need to bring them together and have a compromise. bill: we do need a reform in the health-care industry, but it is chaotic right now, and part of it is the president's fault because he has not been able to articulate in a number of press conferences what this is all about. are you disappointed in the way the president has presented his vision of health care? >> well, i think the problem is, bill, is that there has been an effort to let these bills grow organically in congress, and there is a reason why they compare lawmaking to sausage making. you have a lot of opinions, a lot of pushing and pulling. one bill will emerge in the house, and one bill will emerge in the senate, and there will be a lot of debate and discussion, and that is when you will see a lot of it coming together. bill: i am ok intellectually. i graduated f
all across america spewing lies about health care reform. let me set the record straight early on, these folks, i think, they are dumber than joe the plumber. >> robert gibbs may be right. we are all focusing on some of the craziness taking place at town halls and some of the politicians playing to the bases showing up at town halls when you are not getting a representative sample of actual people in the middle who show up. bill: now, there is something very disturbing about a major corporation, g.e., allowing its news division to brand americans, rationist, stupid because they oppose. i have never seen this before. folks are using their constitutional rights to protest the health care policy they believe will harm them and the country. a powerful corporation, g.e., which just received more than a billion dollars in low cost government loans, taxpayer money, demonizes the very people that provided them the cash. is that unbelievable? and the folks are noticing. so far in august, the msnbc network, the most radical left arm of nbc news is down 24% in total audience while fox news i
of change and a desire to remake america. republicans were told by the elites on the right and the left, that they were on the verge of becoming a permanent minority party if they didn't moderate their views and, frankly, become more relevant. the country was moving, you z away from the old ideals of reagan conservatism and so should the g.o.p. well, smart conservatives weren't buying this. they said look, wait and see what this crowd does with the country, then talk to me about moving to the left. well, americans have seen now seven months of far left government in action. what's that mean? massive spending programs, washington's takeover of the auto companies. the perpetual apology tour overseas. dozens of unelected czars with unchecked power and my favorite, cash for clunkers. all of these have been total failures. and now that americans have had time to do what many congressman won't do, actually digest what's in the health care plan, they are in a full, fledged revolt. president obama's numbers are now dropping. and the democrats are scrambling to regain their footing. angry voters
organizing for america and the sciu get their big groups in florida last night or in michigan, i mean, they are organizing people. so what if people on the internet show up at these town hall meetings? what's good for the goose is good for the gander. >> right. so both sides right now are taking it to the streets. that's what we are seeing this august. american politics taken to the street. laura: i love it. >> in ways we haven't seen in generations. it's all over health care. it's not over some war. it's very personal. everybody knows they are being touched by this insurance argument. laura: much for the apathy. people are engaged. left to right, whatever it is. juan have a great vacation. it's great to see you. next on the rundown, health care dissent is taking a serious toll on the obama administration. we are going to tell you about some shocking poll numbers. and, later, fireworks at a st. louis town hall as one conservative activist ends laura: with anger escalating with obama care over the country. the president is trying to regain the upper hand. >> i don't want the folks who
strong majority in america that says no. sean: we have spent a lot of time talking about what is now commonly known as the death panels, these end-of-life counselors, the house will would mandate that when they're older in life, this would be mandatory and maybe more often. the senate just confirmed that they are dropping it from the bill. they had been denying it existed and now they're saying we're going to drop it. is that a victory for the people showing up at town halls? >> yes. they were trying to say these are nuts and sarah palin isn't very smart. sean: put a victory in sarp's column. >> i -- sarah palin's column. >> i found an op ed, which was a soup esh and said this is a real problem give financial incentives to doctors where we relied upon them working out with layer lawyer and now we are going to have a doctor going to make complicated decisions. and going to give them money to do it and then have them provide key questions and available resources. and the government defines both. is the government going to say, the catholic church is an available resource when it comes
storys. >> we are concerned with healthcare in america and meanwhile covering a phoney meeting about an event that president obama stepped in that was never racial, that was never improperly handled and we are all covering this like it is a combination of pot stamp and yoza. it is embarrassing. >> when you say it isn't important, other people may say look -- >> who? >> well, when the president of the united states injects himself into a controversy, a local controversy and disparages the police activity there, i mean that elevates the story and that is why we are covering it, come on, you know that. >> obviously that is a story, the president decided that he was going to be, you know, the arbiter on what was stupid and what was not stupid in a law enforcement issue which is incredibly difficult to deal with. i mean and i love the fact that the officer came out and he faced the press and he answered some questions. i kept saying wouldn't it have been great if professor gates was out there answering questions from the press. that would have been fun to hear the two of them together bec
stated the goal for the radicals is to redistribute income from corporate and affluent america to the poor and low wage earners. do you that by giving folks with not a lot of money entitlements like health care, housing, food and guaranteed incomes. that is the goal of the far left. that is why they want the feds to control health care. in the coming weeks it, will be interesting to see if president obama caves in toed radical movement, there is no question most americans reject the far left philosophy. a new study by gallup says conservatives significantly outnumber liberals in 47 states. only hawaii, vermont and massachusetts have an even split. liberals don't have a majority anywhere. liberal joyces be conversation. that has emboldened the far left. net root folks who held a convention in pittsburgh. they don't much like america. >> we kidnapped. we tortured people. and we even killed people in u.s. custody. torture is a war crime. murder last time i checked is a pretty serious crime. >> why are we in afghanistan? why have we invaded a country? why are we spending millions a
believe the two vibrant political parties are necessary for a strong america. competition always leads to good ideas. when one party dominates, you tend to see arrogance and foolish policies creep in and that may already be happening to the obama administration. according to real clear politics, president obama's job approval rating is falling faster than any modern president except for bill clinton. since his inauguration the president has lost 16 points in about six months. now, that should bolster republicans. especially conservatives who don't like the president's policies. many are acting foolishly, instead of concentrating on better ideas. they are frenzied over the president's birth certificate. that kind of dumb stuff. as we discussed last week mr. obama loves that because it makes his opposition look irrational. why would he ever release his birth certificate when those demanding it look unhinged? some conservatives also personally attacked judge sotomayor. that wasn't smart. you can disagree with the woman. but to malign her character maligns the vital hispanic voting block.
o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: sean: and tonight in your america bad news for president obama. glen glen everything sunshine and lollipops green. greta: new rules bill billing as the president becomes nor leadership. the ratings for fox news skyrockets. meantime other networks are in trouble. bernie goldberg will amize. >> hear our voice. >> this is communism. >> get off of me. >> no, not in main. i want an answer right now. bill: no, no, no. bill: the controversy is not going away. americans are divided on health care and aarp is apparently siding with the president. we'll talk about the leader of that group. >> i called the police and they said it was legal so i just stopped wearing clothes. ♪ i'm free. bill: more madness in oregon. this woman says she will go naked in public and the cops are ok with it the culture warriors are investigating. >> adam and eve were naked until they ate bad food and then they got really self-conscious. bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by t
every day in the police stations in major cities around america. but the fact is these enhanced interrogation techniques do seem to have saved american lives, exposed to plots that could have been extremely deadly, and that probably would have led to a lot of worse things being done to even the detainees that we have and try to stop the next one. >> paul: this is a critical point. critics of what happened say there is no evidence that enhanced interrogations made a difference. the detainees would've given us this information anyway. is there something in the report shows in fact the enhanced interrogation techniques any difference? >> the report is very clear that people like david chick mom and were extremely resistant to questioning and give up unreliable or very little information before the enhanced interrogation techniques are introduced. i think there's no question that the made a difference in the material that was produced here so i'm all right, ken, given all this, why would air colder, the attorney general, do this now is to not in the past he said look, we don't want
did it nine days after the order came out. >> i don't want in america people to be prosecuted for praying. >> that particular piece take up with the judge. the aclu didn't ask for criminal charges. bill: suspend them or something. come on go, to jail for praying? >> the judge is mad. >> the judge is really mad. i read the order. >> probably an atheist though. >> this is punitive. it wasn't even a prayer, guys. it was a blessing at a lunch. >> are you telling me you want a guy to be prosecuted for praying? is that what you want? take care of it civilly. suspend the guy. >> don't even do that reprimand him. the legalese was tough there. you didn't know for sure that you were violating it. bill: calm down down there in florida. don't prosecute for praying. another florida story. here is a woman, young woman 26 years old, gets married and hates her husband and wants to kill him. roll the tape on this because we have got to see the tape. now, the o- ---apparently she hired some hit man and then the cops tell her that the husband is dead but he isn't. because the hit man was a cop.
[beeping] >> maybe put some ice on it. >> feel better, america. [ laughter ] bret: that's it for this "special report." the only place you will get the whole story. thanks for inviting us into your 1930 years ago today. now you know the news. mr. bill o'reilly is next. are you ready? bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight? >> why does the administration seem to be so thin scib skinned with regard to fox news? >> i'm not sure i agree with your question. >> jesse waters challenges bill burton's over the administration's attitude toward fox news. we have two reports on a very controversial situation. >> the interrogation of rendered people was very important to protecting america. it has, indeed, saved lived. bill: now attorney general eric holder might go after cia interrogators even though president obama says he doesn't want that we'll have the latest. >> i have had eight shots. >> bill: young women bing drinking. apparently it's a growing problem in america. >> i'm about to do a keg stand right now. bill: also, michael jackson's death is a homicide. caution, you are
was going america's way. president bush reached the apex of his popularity. then, iraq started to go south and it was not a dramatic fall but it was a consistent fall. he never really fully recovered from that. could health care be obama's iraq? >> maybe, maybe not. there is a big difference though. starting in july of 2003, when it was clear mass destruction clinton to both clintons you name it. al gore, harry reid, they all thought there were weapons of mass destruction there. ted kennedy and john kerr kerry both said there were weapons of mass destruction. when it became obvious in july of 2003 that they weren't. the democrats began to say consistently that bush lied that drove his numbers down. i don't think republicans are going to act in a hyperpartisan way and say that obama is lying. credibility is the most important thing to a president. if your opposition doesn't believe you are legitimate to begin with. and begins this drum beat when they are aided by the media. it can be enormously creditor rosen. some cable people are hammering obama as being incompetent test not as a liar but
america religious leaders are getting involved with health care. what would jesus do? >> jesus, yes. you said what? >> if i quibble with you too much, next week it's penelope ann miller time. bill: and dennis miller will have some comments on congressman frank's shootout and michael jackson's doctor who may soon be indicted. caution, you are about to enter the no-spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. barney frank on the offense over health care. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. just to be clear, i'm not saying barney frank is offensive. i'm saying he is on the offensive. trying to convince americans that the government should run the nation's health care system. but as we all know, that's a very tough sell these days. >> why do you continue to support a nazi policy as obama has expressly supported this policy? why are you supporting it? >> a real solution. >> when you ask me that question, i
again we know that the reportage in america isn't fair and balanced. that if it is a left wing cause, and organized by internet sites or whatever on et left, that's fine. there is no problem with that we are not even going to bother to cover it if it is a conservative movement or organized by the right, then there is something dastardly about it. and i don't think it's any -- that's as clear as it can get. >> i totally agree. i will give you another example. there have been a number of columns, just in the past couple of days saying that the entire republican party is a lunatic party because of the nut job birthers because they think obama was born on saturn or some place. one columnist eugene robinson says 28% of republicans believe obama was not born in the united states. let's set aside for a second that the poll was commissioned by the daily kos. let's just put that aside. bill: robinson didn't mention that. >> right. in fairness, bill, i think he did. but, let's just put that aside. what about a fewer years ago that several polls came out that 35%, more than 28%, 35% of democrat
of rendered people was very important to protecting america. it has, indeed, saved lived. bill: now attorney general eric holder might go after cia interrogators even though president obama says he doesn't want that we'll have the latest. >> i have had eight shots. >> bill: young women bing drinking. apparently it's a growing problem in america. >> i'm about to do a keg stand right now. bill: also, michael jackson's death is a homicide. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thank you for watching us tonight. president obama on vacation and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. following in the footsteps of bill clinton, mr. obama will take a week off on martha's vineyard with his family and they are arriving. the president will rest and recharge and, boy, does he need it in the health care chaos has damaged the president's credibility and his job approval ratings as well. latest rasmussen da
and the economy. unlike some others, i do not think barack obama is an evil men bent on destroying america. i just think he has lost control of the process. the rap on obama from the jump is that he had little policy experience are we not seeing that now? this health care initiative is a fiasco. and most clear-thinking americans know it it's time for the white house to regroup, rethink, and wise up. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from los angeles, fox news analyst tammy bruise and radio talk show host leslie marshal. all right, leslie. where am i going wrong? >> well, there has to be a public option. and certainly i disagree with you, bill, that this is going to go through. three out of four plans in both the house and the senate include a public option. without a public option, there really isn't any health care reform because what the public is saying is if i'm not insured i want as access. if i can't afford what i have i want an optional plans that's more afford dible. >> i met her. i have a lot of respect for her. i would agree with you not that she is
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 69 (some duplicates have been removed)